Wednesday, 27 January 2016

What is Sporcle?

A blog picture of me blogging
Upon first glance of my blog, many of you may ask:

"What does Sporcle mean? Is that a spork for barnacles?”  
Mean Girls, 

In actuality, Sporcle doesn't mean anything. Sporcle is an online quiz website founded in 2007. New quizzes on a variety of topics are published on the main page by the Sporcle staff each day. Published quizzes can vary greatly in their difficulty. There are easy quizzes like, "Name thethings Meat Loaf won't do for love?”, and there are difficult quizzes like, "Name all of countries of the world."
Sporcle members can gain achievement badges when they play certain quizzes at certain times. Some badges are day-dependent (playing 10 Mean Girls quizzes on October 3rd gains you a badge) and some badges are time-dependent (15 games between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. to gain another badge). For example, here is the badge you attain when you join Sporcle.

The Newbie Badge given to all new members 

I spend a lot of my free time playing quizzes as a way to relax. Since I started playing at university, I have attained many badges but there are still over 100 that I haven`t unlocked! I am starting this blog to chronicle my attempts to gain every badge the site has to offer.

Each week I will set a target badge and give a play-by-play of all the quizzes I played to reach my target. I will do my best to spread out the genre of my quizzes, so you aren't reading exclusively about my favourite types of quizzes (Sports and Geography FYI).Hopefully you`ll have as much fun reading my blog as I know I will have writing it. Time to start our adventure!


  1. How have I not heard of Sporcle? I love trivia and have waaayyyy too much useless knowledge in my head. This will definitely be a fun read every week. Now I'm going to make a Sporcle account!

  2. Love the images that you used for your first post. I look forward to hearing more about Sporcle and all of your achievements.

  3. Name all the countries in the world? The Animaniacs prepared me for this! Uuuuunited States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru...

  4. Your determination boggles my mind, I look forward to tracking your progress! I would definitely get way too frustrated over trying to ace every quiz! But...I might be tempted in to trying it...just maybe...after I am done school!

  5. I have never heard about sporcle, but after reading your first post I am really interested in it. I am going sign up for sporcle. Looking forward to learn more about it.Great blog idea!

  6. This is so interesting, I have never heard of Sporcle before! Just a new way to me to procrastinate... Muahaha. Definitely going to check this out. How many badges do you have, Patrick?

  7. Wow! Good luck with this venture. It seems challenging and fun. I'd join you, but I've got WAY too much homework :P