Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Badge 1: Disney Animated Movies

Me with my favourite Disney Character, Donald Duck
I wanted my first badge to be something interesting and popular to get the blog rolling. After some deliberation, I ended up choosing the “From the Vault” badge, which requires the user to get 100% on the Disney Animated Movies quiz. I felt confident going into the quiz for two reasons:
Beauty and the Beast,  
Walt Disney Animation Studios

1. Most of my childhood was spent watching Disney VHS tapes with my sister Karly.
2. I had recently read a great article on Buzzfeed that ranked all the Disney films. 

I opened the quiz and was immediately taken aback by the fact that there were 54 Disney films I needed to name.  I started easy with all the films from my wheelhouse. As a millennial, films like AladdinThe Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast came to mind immediately.(Did you know that Beauty and the Beast was the first Animatedfilm nominated for Best Picture?)
Home on the Range, 
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Surprisingly, I knew all the obscure package films from the 1940s, like Make Mine Music and Fun and Fancy Free, but I struggled recalling the films from 2002-2008 (Essentially the films that came out during my teen years, when I was too “cool” to care about Disney movies). With much effort, I narrowed my remaining answers down to one and as the clock wound down, my mind locked in on the final answer (Home on the Range —arguably one of the worst films Disney ever made). I immediately heard the notification sound on my phone, signaling that I had received my email confirming my new badge.

I love the smell of Sporcle Badge in the morning! Smells like….Victory!
From the Vault Badge


  1. I will always have a soft spot for Disney. I think most everyone spent many hours of their childhood enthralled in one Disney film or another. Very impressive you able to name all 54, I would certainly have a hard time with that. Keep on keepin' on in your Sporcle quest!

  2. I have never been one to be shy about my love of all things Disney! As a former cast member, Id like to think of myself as a Disney pro. Ill have to try the quiz and see what I get.

    Long live the quest!!

  3. Congrats Patrick! Even with three kids I wouldn't have been able to name all those Disney movies!

  4. Congrats Patrick! Even with three kids I wouldn't have been able to name all those Disney movies!

  5. I like Disney too, but I wouldn't be able to name all the films. And 54 are lots! I probably will just close the window upon seeing so much things to fill out. You are really a fan of Sporcle and Disney. Congrats on your Badge!