Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Badge 2: Super Bowl

Katy Perry performing with the Left Shark at Super Bowl XLIX (Getty Images)
This week’s post was initially going to be about a different badge, but I noticed I had an unearned Super Bowl Badge. Given that the Super Bowl was a few days ago (and what a BORING game that was), I decided to go after the Super Bowl badge this week. The badge required me to receive 50% or better on three quizzes:
2016 Halftime Show
(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

When it comes to my knowledge of sports, football ranks somewhere in the middle of the hierarchy. That being said, I had little trouble with the Winners and MVPs quizzes. I've watched enough games and have seen enough highlights that I cleared 50% on both quizzes fairly easily.

Carol Channing 
at Super Bowl V 
(AP Photo)
The Super Bowl Halftime quiz was an entirely different animal! For the most part, I don’t watch the halftime shows. I use the time between halves for conversation and refilling my snacks. As a result, I STRUGGLED recalling any performers past the last few years. The only performer from an early Super Bowl that I knew was Carol Channing (Who interestingly was the first big name to appear at a Super Bowl, find out more here).
The Vince Lombadgi Badge

I found myself ten answers short of the 50% mark with two minutes left in the quiz, so I had to take a drastic measure. I asked my dad (Colin) for some help. My dad came through in the clutch and helped me get to the halfway point before the time expired. I ended up with 25/50 on that quiz, but that was good enough to get a new badge! 

It’s an Immaculate Badge-ception!


  1. I'd have to agree Patrick- Without Left Shark's antics, the Super Bowl just wasn't the same this year. I'd never heard of Sporcle before stumbling across your blog, but I'll have to check it out further. Maybe there's a mixology quiz I can try and tackle.

    1. There you go Michelle Anderson More where that came from!

  2. Never heard of sporcle but after reading your blog it looks tempting and maybe i would give it a try soon.
    Great post Patrick !