Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Badge 4: James Bond

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale (Eon)
James Bond. Secret Agent with a license to killOne would be hard-pressed in the English speaking world to find someone who has never seen a James Bond film, or at the minimum, not be aware of the films’ existence. James Bond, or 007 to use his code name, has been played by six different actors. The character has appeared in 24 films, and most recently has been played by British actor Daniel Craig. This week’s badge had a straightforward task; name all the James Bond Films.

George Lazeby as
James Bond in On
Her Majesty's
Secret Service (Eon)
The 007 Badge
I am definitely not a James Bond connoisseur (Check out my colleague and friend's recent blog post for an expert opinion), but I do have a certain degree of knowledge on the subject simply from existing and taking in information (Also from this fun BuzzFeed quiz). Additionally, I’ve only ever seen one James Bond film (Skyfall). 

The actually quiz taking for this badge was relatively painless. I started with the recent Bond movies that I knew from the last decade or so (Spectre, Casino Royale etc.) and pretty much gave the answers from newest to oldest. With two minutes left, I was missing only one film. I knew the film had something to do with majesties and the secret service, so I played around with the wording for a little while and finally got the answer of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. (Interestingly, that was the only film where Bond was played by Australian actor George Lazenby). I heard the notification on my phone, which meant I had achieved my goal!

The name’s Badge. James Badge.


  1. I had never heard of this "Sporcle" before your blog, but now I may have to embark on my own Badge quest! Also, great bits of info on Bond!

  2. I have never seen a James Bond movie but I love your James Bond pun at the end!

  3. Love how you started your blog ;)

  4. I agree with Phil Scheirich on this. I never had heard the word "Sporcle" before and I'm sure I'm excited to attempt quizzes (I did the quiz in 1:24 :D). It was amazing reading about Bond and your attempt to succeed in the quiz.

    May I suggest that you may state Daniel Craig as English rather than British? Gets me confusing..Looking forward to reading your sporcle quests!