Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Badge 5: Leap Day

February 29th, or Leap Day, occurs every four years
A view of NYC from
 atop the Rockefeller Centre.
The tall structure
 is the Empire State Building
Every four years, our calendars get one day longer, and people just don't think anything of it. There is actually a very good reason for February 29th. While the usual year is 365 days, in reality, takes 365.2422 days for the Earth to rotate the Sun. In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII introduced the leap day as a way to account for the .2422 of a day we`d be losing every year (The leap day actually does not deal with the difference perfectly. You can check out this New York Times article if you`d like to find out why). This week`s badge had a simple task: Play 29 quizzes on Leap Day.

On Leap Day this year, I was on vacation in New York City. However, I made a special effort to find WiFi so I could play the quizzes. I didn't want to wait four years for the next Leap Day to come around!

This badge was different than any other I've achieved during this Quest. It did not require that I play a specific quiz, but simply 29 quizzes during the time frame. As such, the first 28 quizzes I played were one minute quizzes to speed up the process. I decided my 29th quiz would be about some of the New York City landmarks I had visited during my first trip to the city. I was only able to name 10/20 of the landmarks on the quiz, but that was immaterial, as I had played my 29th quiz and earned a badge!

This is one small step for man, one giant Leap Day Badge for mankind
The 'Hey, it's Leap Day!' 


  1. I'm proud of you for getting this badge even whilst on vacation. You're clearly dedicated to your craft, and I know how important getting that badge was to you. Well done.

  2. Hey Patrick, it's so cool that you have this kind of passion - it means you could find entertainment everywhere, anytime and even during vacation. Great topic!

  3. I have been playing quizzes and trivia games all my life. I have never heard about Sporcle though. Your blog really describes it in very interesting way.

  4. Nice trip, interesting game with the special leap day. I might think about what will I gonna do some interesting stuff on the leap day four years later.

  5. 29 quizzes in one day....that is dedication my friend.